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Jorg Gray Watches

Company Background

Founded in 1998, Jorg Gray has expanded from an American specialty private-label watch company to a worldwide brand. Revered for its fashionable timepieces, Jorg Gray continues to create modern, yet timeless, watches while maintaining a respect for traditional principles of precision and attention to detail. The brand’s visually striking, boldly designed watches combine styling, materials and colors that appeal to today’s discerning customer.

Company Information

Address 1201 Bell Avenue
Tustin, CA, 92780

Contact Numbers Toll Free: +1 877.547.4438
Phone: +1 714.675.6224
Fax: +1 714.675.6145
Contact Us at JGOnline@JorgGray.com

Executive Team

Trevor Gnesin, President
Dani Rothenberg, Director of Sales & Marketing
Solange Savi, Director of Operations

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