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What is a chronograph?

What is a chronograph?

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

A chronograph is a stopwatch integrated into a wristwatch. Though perhaps the most recognizable complication seen on the watch since the late 1960s, the mechanical chronograph is also highly misunderstood.

"Chrono-" means relating to time and "-graph" is defined as a system of interrelations among two or more things. The chronograph is often confused with a chronometer, which is a separate timepiece used to meet precision standards.

How it works
A chronograph has extra subdials and buttons, or pushers, built along the side of the case. These buttons start, stop and reset the timing function while the rest of the watch runs as normal. 

A press of the top pusher brings the chronograph dials to life, spurring the long seconds hand into action. Every trip that hand makes around the dial will be recorded in one of the subdials. Depending on the Jorg Gray watch, one subdial will account for up to 30 minutes while another subdial records up to 12 hours. With another press of that top button, the pusher stops timing and the bottom pusher resets everything. 

Jorg Gray men's timepieces feature the chronograph complication. There is also a specific collection of JG chronograph style watches with more than 25 timepieces to choose from. 

6 uses for the chronograph
This complication is not only utilized by pilots navigating the skies or athletes who want to time their run, it's used in everyday situations. Check out these practical daily uses for the chronograph:

  1. Second time zone: Travel a lot? Vacationers and business travelers might want to opt for timepieces such as Jorg Gray Signature JS0130 to set the hour subdial like a second watch. Start exactly when you know the hour differences between the two time zones.
  2. Stop watch: Push the button at the start and stop of any event. Athletes, check out our collection of sports watches.
  3. Meeting reminder: Advance the chronograph hand to an hour or minute you have a meeting or appointment. When you notice the hand off the JG6800-24's normal 12 o'clock position, you'll remember you have somewhere to be.
  4. Crash chronograph: In the event that you're in a fender bender, start the chronograph. You might be the only person who can tell the police precisely when the other car hit yours. 
  5. Knotted handkerchief: When a good idea pops into mind, hit your chrono start button, then stop it a few seconds afterward. Later, your idea will spring back when you notice the odd placement of the chrono hand. Great ideas start here
  6. Good luck: Put the chronograph hand on your lucky number - and have a great day. Who knows, your Jorg Gray watch may just be your lucky charm. 
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