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Band for the occasion

Band for the occasion

Friday, October 9th, 2020

Whether leather, rubber, silicone or stainless steel, Jorg Gray watch bands are designed to fit both your wrist and your style. Find out which strap type is right for you:

Leather bands
Leather bands project a look of sophistication and class that accompanies an upscale lifestyle. Whether in a client meeting or on a date at a high-end restaurant, leather straps provide a vintage edge to a luxury timepiece. Leather is durable, but is typically not used on sport watches since water can mar the integrity of the material. With a touch of care, leather watchbands will endure for decades.

Jorg Gray features leather straps in many hues and textures. Take a look at our Strap Collection to choose between Italian crocodile-pattern brown leather straps with white stitching and a rose gold buckle, Italian buffalo-grain black leather straps with white stitching and Italian crocodile-pattern black leather straps with black stitching and a silver buckle.

Rubber and silicone bands
Will your watch perform under extreme conditions? Many people leading an active lifestyle opt for rubber or silicone watch straps, as they are are lightweight, durable and water-resistant. Most commonly found on sports and fashion watches, these straps can be worn while swimming, running and hiking. Take Clint Dempsey for example: the American soccer powerhouse wears the JG2500-22 with an integrated rubber band type.

Stainless steel straps
Metal watchbands are quite durable and popular. Made from solid stainless steel, Jorg Gray metal straps offer a sleek aesthetic. The metal is robust and sports an elegant finish. Some metal watchbands are heavy, so people with an active lifestyle may prefer rubber or leather bands. 

Jorg Gray metal watch straps are designed with stainless steel that comes in silver or rose gold with a steel buckle. The JG6100-11, for example, is a popular watch with stainless steel bands. 

Let your favorite Jorg Gray watch reveal your mood and personality. 

  • Band for the occasion
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