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Best gifts to receive for the holidays

Best gifts to receive for the holidays

Thursday, December 17th, 2020

The holidays are here, and even if presents don't come in shiny wrapping paper like they used to, the right gifts will be sure to put a smile on your face. Get in the holiday spirit with a new Jorg Gray paired with the most sought-after items of the year. Is it too late to throw these on the wish list?

1. Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard
A perfect middle ground for riders who want to carve the black diamonds and tear up the terrain park, the Burton Flight Attendant is a winter lover's dream gift. The board's design is based on Balanced Freeride Geometry, delivering setback camber and sidecut that centers around your stance. It has a light spin weight and good flex that make it perfect for snow days of four inches or more. Made of sustainable FSC™ certified wood core and recycled PET topsheet for enhanced performance, the board weighs next to nothing. Bring it on your winter vacation along with the rugged JG8300-14. This 47-millimeter timepiece is powered by a Swiss Ronda movement and features a blue and silver dial that matches its integrated silicon strap.

2. Top coat
GQ recently picked a $8,800 Tom Ford top coat as one of the go-to pieces of apparel this year. But you don't have to drop a fat wad of cash to rock a stylish, knee-sweeping coat. You can find some good looks from West End, Kenneth Cole and even Gap. To add some celebrity glamor, Kanye West flaunts the outerwear on and off stage. Complement your coat with a Jorg Gray JG6300-36, a rectangular-shaped watch that houses an ISA multifunction movement. The brown with rose gold dial pairs with a brown leather band and two-tone case bezel. 

3. Surface Pro 3
If there's one device that delivers the best of both the business and leisure worlds, it's the tablet. The Surface Pro 3 comes in sizes from 64 gigabytes all the way up to 512 gigabytes - a walking computer that you can swiftly type on. The tablets have been integrated in NFL sidelines across the country, with all 32 teams using them for in-game analysis. Whether you're ready to get down to work or play, the tablet goes great with the Jorg Gray JG6600-24, a paragon of style. With a water resistance of up to 50 meters, this 43-millimeter timepiece can handle whatever the holiday season serves up.  

  • Best gifts to receive for the holidays
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