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Top 3 mountain climbing spots

Top 3 mountain climbing spots

Monday, November 9th, 2020

When you're 15,000 feet above the ground, you'll need a rugged watch that can withstand the elements. Jorg Gray timepieces are designed with durability and resilience in mind, without sacrificing sophistication. Combining lists from National Geographic and Men's Fitness, we've compiled the top three climbing destinations in the world - formidable endeavors for Jorg Gray wearers. So, grab your gear and experience the journey along the mountain sides. 

1. Mount Khuiten, Mongolia
Ranked as the No. 1 Top Climb by National Geographic, Mount Khuiten takes trekkers to the glaciated peaks of the Altai. Towering 14,350 feet above the earth, this mountain straddles the borders of Russia, China and Mongolia, and its climb is equally multifaceted. To arrive there, adventurers must trek through a barren landscape that's one of the last remote regions on earth. Along the way, Kazakh nomadic shepherds often join the party, and an array of indigenous flora and fauna - yaks, horses, Bactrian double-humped camels - can be spotted. In a place that feels like a world removed, you can stay up-to-date with the JG8300-24, equipped with a two-tone case bezel and chronograph complication. Like the timepiece, this stunning Mongolian journey is designed for adventurers.

2. Mount McKinley, Alaska
The third highest of the world's Seven Summits is found in none other than Alaska. Mount McKinley is Denali National Park's crown jewel, reaching a staggering 20,320 feet. Mount McKinley is often regarded as North America's most classic climb, so if you want to stick around the U.S. for extreme expeditions, Mount McKinley will be your best bet. The West Buttress Route usually takes three weeks to tackle, leaving this high-altitude challenge for dedicated, no-nonsense climbers. Each day affords unique and breathtaking views, and once you've reached the summit, you'll have a panorama that includes Mount Foraker, Mount Hunter and Mount Huntington. Time the climb with your JG8300-12, a beautiful sports watch that matches the most rugged lifestyle. The watch is crafted with Swiss Ronda movement and a striking red, black and silver complexion. It's ready for snow with an integrated silicone band and stainless steel casing. 

3. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. Situated on Tanzania's northern border with Kenya, this mountain consists of three extinct volcanoes, and Uhuru, the tallest peak, reaches 19,340 feet high. Because it's one of the world's most accessible high summits, about 75,000 people reach the top a year. The lush footslopes lead to a montane forest inhabited by leopards, elephant and the endangered Abbott's duiker. Hiking Kilimanjaro has become a must-do for travelers and climbers alike, so gear up with the JG8300-14, a perfect blend of style and sturdiness. The timepiece features a screw-down case-back, sapphire crystal watch lens and Swiss Ronda movement. 

Scratching off a mountain from your bucket list doesn't have to put a scratch on your Jorg Gray timepiece. Our watches are built to handle the most rugged of destinations. Get grizzly with your Jorg Gray timepiece.

  • Top 3 mountain climbing spots
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