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3 best surf spots in the world

3 best surf spots in the world

Sunday, November 17th, 2019

A surfer's paradise has it all - balmy weather, knockout swells and ocean vistas as gorgeous as the women. The best waves represent some of nature's most formidable challenges, and you don't have to be a pro to admire them. We've put together a few of the top places to shred, for both beginners and experts. Get out your beach gear and Jorg Gray timepiece, and hit the swells at these mesmerizing surf spots: 

1. Florianópolis, Brazil
Boasting 4,655 miles of coastline, Florianópolis is a rising center of surf culture in the Southern Hemisphere. National Geographic points out that there are 42 different beaches, so you'll be sure to find a wave that fits your style. The Barra Da Lagoa welcomes fresh riders while the heavier Joaquina Beach sometimes hosts professional surfing competitions. Because the nightlife goes until dawn, you can expect to hit the waves in the afternoon. For adventures whether or not the sun's out, the JG8400-22 features a modern-style-meets-athlete gray dial and is a powered by a Swiss Ronda movement. The chronograph has a silicone band and up to 100 meters of water resistance.

2. Hossegor, France
Dubbed the "surfing capital of Europe," Hossegor offers heavy walls breaking on a shallow sandbreak. It sits along 145 miles of coastline called the Côte d'Argent, which is the longest uninterrupted stretch of sandy beach on the continent. Beyond the barrels, you'll see white yachts and sailboats dotting the waters. Many celebrities have holiday homes and mansions near the beach too, according to CNN. With an equal dose of luxury and adrenaline, the JG9600-11 is part of our diving collection, featuring water resistance as deep as 200 meters.The black integrated silicone rubber band complements the white dial and rotating two-tone bezel. 

3. Pipeline, Oahu Hawaii
​Pipeline, located on the island where modern surfing was developed, is billed as the deadliest wave in the globe. Averaging over 20 feet tall, the Pipe (as the locals call it) owes its reputation to its anvil-like weight and razor-blade ridge over which it breaks, forming hollow, thick curls like a tube. This surf mecca was ranked No. 1 on CNN's "World's 50 best surf spots" in 2013. Watch out for the jagged underwater lava spires. For those with enough guts to take up the challenge, the JG8300-14 will up the ante. The aquatic-inspired timepiece is designed with a blue-silver dial and blue integrated silicone strap. Its 47-millimeter screw-down case comes with a water resistance of 100 meters.

Jorg Gray timepieces will leave only fascination in your wake.

  • 3 best surf spots in the world
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