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Happy hour with Jorg Gray timepieces

Happy hour with Jorg Gray timepieces

Monday, October 28th, 2019

As the best part of the work day, happy hour never seems to arrive early enough. Yet somehow, watching the clock until 5 isn't as brutal when you're staring at a new Jorg Gray timepiece. Happy hour comes in many forms, from catching up with the guys to mingling with co-workers. But with your Jorg Gray timepiece, you'll be equipped for whatever personalities are sitting at the table. 

Happy hour with the guys
Your group of childhood buddies may be timeless, but your Jorg Gray watch defines the time. Sleek, assured and stylish, the JS1100 will say everything new about you that you want to tell your friends. Expect a compliment or three - after all, a real man notices a nice watch when he sees one. Catch up with the gang over delicious craft beer. Your buddy Evan just got engaged, Patrick is arguing with Jimmy about last week's fantasy football game, and you and the rest of the guys are holding down the fort. Whatever the dynamic, a session with your buddies needs an equally charismatic Jorg Gray timepiece. The JS1100 hits the mark with its high-precision Japanese movement, three-hand complication and a navy leather band.

Date-night happy hour
Meeting someone on a date for happy hour after work? First impressions are everything. Walk into the room with style wearing a JG8500-22, a silver stainless steel timepiece with a blue dial color and chronograph complication. No woman likes braggadocio, and this watch displays aplomb without going overboard. Just as alcohol can ease nerves, looking and feeling good may reduce tension and allow you to get the date started right. Who knows, it could just give you some company at breakfast.

Happy hour with co-workers
Whether you want to use your Jorg Gray timepiece as a conversation starter or an exit strategy, a JG watch can come to the rescue. You are privy to the fact that there is a delicate balance at happy hour with your colleagues: friendly yet filtered, open yet on-point. While it's a great opportunity to let one's guard down and learn about people's lives outside of the office, composure is key, meaning drinks are better off tailored. The JG6600-24, boasting RONDA movement with sapphire-coated mineral crystal, perfectly strikes that equilibrium. Instead of going where the night leads, rein in the night where you want it to go. 

  • Happy hour with Jorg Gray timepieces
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